coffee to ethical consumers worldwide with Angela Noguer & Pete Poovanna

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Meet Angela Noguer & Pete Poovanna; OPS Lead & Founder of Forest Bean; together they have successfully combined expertise in clean technology and heritage of sacred grove farming to create Forest Bean Inc. Working with Indian family farmers to expand sustainable coffee farming techniques while producing high-quality coffee beans is a replaceable business model that enhances both local communities and environments. Pete’s work in India creates sustainable economic development opportunities for small scale farmers. It brings sustainably sourced coffee to ethical consumers worldwide. A refreshing sustainable approach that will cultivate your thirst with this inspiring journey! 

Forest Bean OPS Lead & Founder Angela & Pete highlight and discusses: 

  • How coffee comes from farms in India and grown in regions under the shade of 100’s years’ old trees.
  • Symbolic relationships between farmers and animals are key to implementing no deforestation plus no harm to the environment and animals.
  • How culture and family ancestry have carried on traditions and sustainable practices for generations.