Challenges and opportunities in the vegan food market with Thomas Hong

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We’re pleased to welcome Thomas Hong, the founder of, to our platform. Thomas has an inspiring story, starting as a vegetarian with a passion for starting a vegetarian/vegan buffet restaurant before pursuing engineering and creating an online business selling bathware. Realizing he had the financial stability and time to pursue his passion for vegetarianism, in 2019, he started Vegkey selling vegan/vegetarian jerky made from mushrooms. Despite facing several challenges, including a crowded and competitive market and the pandemic, Thomas persevered and created a successful business through his dedication and hard work.

Thomas’s insights into the challenges and opportunities in the vegetarian and vegan food market will be valuable to anyone interested in starting or growing their business.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Thomas’s journey from being a vegetarian to founding Vegkey and his passion for vegetarianism.
  • The challenges and opportunities in the crowded and competitive vegan food market.
  • Strategies for entering the market without any experience in the food or snack industry, including focusing on online sales and attending vegan festivals.
  • The importance of perseverance and dedication in starting and growing a successful business.

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