Building Meeks Vegan Pizza Chain with Demetrius Walker

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Today we welcome Demetrius Walker, the founder of Meeks Vegan Pizza, to our virtual stage. Demetrius is a self-taught chef and entrepreneur who started his restaurant in Houston’s Third Ward, a historically black neighborhood, during the pandemic. Demetrius grew up in New York City and did not grow up vegan. However, he had an epiphany on social media five years ago when he saw a plate of pig’s feet being served as a dish, which triggered him to become vegan. His restaurant is known for its delicious and creative vegan pizza, attracting vegan and non-vegan customers.

Despite starting his restaurant during the pandemic, Meeks Vegan Pizza has thrived, with delivery apps becoming more popular due to the pandemic. Demetrius attributes his success to the support of the vegan community and the curiosity of non-vegan customers. He has learned a lot from his experience starting a restaurant during a pandemic and is passionate about getting plant-based food into the hands of people who will enjoy it and spread the word.

Get ready to be inspired by Demetrius’s journey as a self-taught vegan chef and entrepreneur and learn about the challenges and opportunities in starting a business during a pandemic.

Discussion Highlights:

● Demetrius’s journey to becoming a vegan and how it inspired him to start Meeks Vegan Pizza
● The challenges and opportunities of starting a restaurant during the pandemic
● The importance of the vegan community in supporting Demetrius’s business
● How Meeks Vegan Pizza has attracted non-vegan customers and the importance of curiosity in promoting plant-based food

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