Becoming a vegetarian and starting a restaurant with Chef Peter

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We are excited to introduce Chef Peter McKenzie, the owner of Veggie Delight, a restaurant that embraces authentic Caribbean flavors and keeps each dish exciting and delicious for all palettes. Chef Peter’s journey began about ten years ago when he adopted a vegetarian lifestyle to improve his health and become a better version of himself. He began experimenting with vegan food and adding Caribbean flavors with his ex-girlfriend, a vegetarian.

Chef Peter incorporated all the mental history of food he had been going through and brought it to Toronto, where he opened his restaurant six years ago. He believes that when you’re dealing with plants, that’s what you’re dealing with, and you’re not dealing with anything else. Chef Peter has attracted a diverse clientele with his Caribbean-inspired dishes, and his restaurant has enormously succeeded. Today, we are thrilled to have Chef Peter McKenzie with us to share his insights into vegan food and his journey as a chef.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Chef Peter’s journey to becoming a vegetarian and starting his restaurant, Veggie Delight
  • Incorporating Caribbean flavors into vegan food and making it more flavorful
  • Challenges in the vegan food industry and how to overcome them
  • The future of vegan food and where Chef Peter sees it heading
  • The importance of experimenting with different cuisines and flavors and embracing a plant-based lifestyle for a healthier and more sustainable future.

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