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A sustainable sneakers brand that is revolutionizing the fashion industry with Kumi

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Introducing Alexandra and Sergio, the founders of Kumi, a sustainable sneakers brand that is revolutionizing the fashion industry. United by their passion for sustainable fashion, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that combines style, ethics, and environmental consciousness. Overcoming challenges along the way, they have emerged as leaders in the field, offering stylish and eco-friendly sneakers that challenge the status quo.

With a shared vision and determination, Alexandra and Sergio launched Kumi in 2019, driven by their commitment to sustainability. Their focus on using vegan and sustainable materials proved challenging due to limited availability and rigorous testing requirements. However, their perseverance paid off, as they witnessed a growing interest in sustainable fashion, gradually expanding the range of materials at their disposal.

Today, Kumi stands as a beacon of sustainability in the sneaker industry. Alexandra and Sergio’s dedication to creating stylish designs that defy stereotypes and challenge misconceptions sets them apart. They have established a strong presence in European markets and aspire to be recognized as a global sustainable fashion brand. Their inspiring journey and commitment to balancing work and personal life make them a true embodiment of conscious entrepreneurship.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Overcoming challenges in sourcing sustainable and vegan materials for sneaker production.
  • The growing market demand and interest in a sustainable fashion.
  • Balancing style and sustainability in the design process.
  • Funding strategies and crowdfunding campaigns for brand creation.
  • Kumi’s international expansion plans and strong market presence in Europe.

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