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We’re delighted to introduce Vanessa Sturman, a plant-based health coach, and Energize and Thrive Plant-Based founder. Vanessa’s journey began struggling with health and diet, leading her to explore a more balanced approach to nutrition. After a transformative trip to India and witnessing the realities of animal treatment, she shifted to a vegan lifestyle. Vanessa noticed a gap in accessible and appealing vegan recipes, which led her to create a successful recipe website. However, her journey did not stop there; she realized the need for guidance on incorporating plant-based foods into a balanced diet, which led to the inception of her coaching business.

Over the past three years, Vanessa has focused on helping individuals find energy, achieve a healthy weight, and combat fatigue through plant-based nutrition. While her recipe website was a success, she ultimately left the business to focus on her passion: coaching, speaking, and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Running a business was challenging, and Vanessa quickly learned the importance of mastering skills beyond her expertise, such as marketing, sales, and finance. Her story is a testament to the power of aligning passion with purpose, and we’re thrilled to hear more about her journey and insights today.

Vanessa Sturman’s Discussion Highlights:

● Her journey towards veganism and the transformative experiences led her to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.
● The inception of her recipe website and its role in providing appealing vegan recipes to a broader audience.
● The evolution of her career from a recipe blogger to a plant-based health coach, focusing on energy, weight management, and overall wellness.
● The reasons behind her decision to leave the recipe website business and focus on her passion for coaching and speaking.
● The challenges and learnings of running a business include mastering marketing, sales, finance, and strategy skills.

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