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Joining us today is Thomas Erex, a representative of Plant Growth, a non-profit organization based in Denmark that promotes plant-based lifestyles. Thomas, a vegan for 11 years, has been actively contributing to the cause through various initiatives, including establishing the Danish vegan organization, working with companies to introduce vegan products, and engaging with politicians and influential individuals to increase awareness and adoption of plant-based dishes and products.

Beyond his work with Plant Growth, Thomas has made significant strides in vegan cooking. He has a popular blog that shares enticing vegan recipes, has published three cookbooks, and has achieved his childhood dream of becoming a TV chef. His goal is to inspire more people to adopt vegan lifestyles and create a world where more individuals can access delicious and sustainable vegan products and dishes. Listen in as Thomas shares his journey and insights into the plant-based movement.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Thomas’s transition from a volunteer to a representative of Plant Growth and his efforts to promote plant-based lifestyles in Denmark.
  • The various activities Plant Growth engages in, including collaborating with companies, hosting events like The Plant Awards, and participating in conferences and food fairs.
  • The challenges Plant Growth faces in managing organizational growth while ensuring a solid structure that supports its mission.
  • Thomas’s success as a vegan blogger, cookbook author, and TV chef and how these platforms have amplified his mission to promote veganism.

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