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Don’t miss the impact of award winning journalist, author, and TV host Jane Velez-Mitchell who brings her decades of experience as the founder of UnchainedTV. A game changing network that offers hundreds of free documentaries, cooking shows, news updates, talk shows and music videos, all with a focus on a compassionate plant-based lifestyle to combat the climate crisis, improve human health, reduce world hunger and animal suffering. This truly is MUST SEE TV!

UnchainedTVs Founder Jane Velez-Mitchell highlights and discusses:

  • A successful 40+ year career run in the news & journalism industry and how she then started her own network to utilize those skills to then help animals in need.
  • When you exhibit compassion for yourself, for animals, and for the planet; WE ALL WIN!
  • The importance of eating vegan not only for improved health but for the wonderful bonus that it also tastes better.

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