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We are thrilled to have Bomee, the founder of Gingerdog, a company specializing in ginger shots, join us today. Bomee shares an inspiring journey from developing a fiery and flavorful ginger shot recipe to making her product available in 11 stores, planning to expand to 300 stores by 2024. Motivated by the lack of tasty ginger shots in the market, Bomee embarked on her venture to offer a delicious and health-beneficial product.

Despite the challenges of scaling up production and navigating the competitive ginger shots market, Bomee’s determination and commitment to her vision are unwavering. She continues to innovate and strives to make Gingerdog the leading brand in the North American ginger drinks market. Join us as Bomee takes us through her entrepreneurial journey, sharing insights into Gingerdog’s operations, strategies, and plans.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Bomee’s inspiring story of starting Gingerdog and developing a tasty, health-beneficial ginger shot recipe.
  • The challenges she faces in scaling up production and her decision to stay self-funded to retain control over the business.
  • The health benefits of Gingerdog’s shots and Bomee’s aim to make Gingerdog the leading brand in the North American ginger drinks market.
  • The strategies Gingerdog’s strategies to stand out in the competitive ginger shots market include offering multiple shots in one bottle for convenience and variety.

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