154,000 bags of pancake mix sold in 24 hours with Christian Sargent

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Meet Christian Sargent; Founder & CEO of Vicky Cakes and youngest daughter to Vicky.

During the pandemic, Vicky Cakes was treated with a pleasant surprise after being featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. Surprised by selling 154,000 bags of pancake mix in less than 24 hours after the episode aired. We’re going to show up, and we’re going to show out because you can’t miss these kinds of opportunities”, said Christian and that’s exactly what they did. Upon filling this order with her team from the inner workings of her home, they then evolved from her home kitchen to a rented commercial kitchen, and within a matter of two weeks were on the hunt for their own facility.

You’ll love the journey and rise of this pancake empire to start your day off with a taste of inspiration!

Vicky Cakes Founder & CEO Christian Sargent highlights and discusses: 

  • Vicky’s 40-year-old family secret journey started as a single mom of four in the late ‘70s and created a delicious wholesome recipe out of necessity for her children.
  • How Christian partnered with Cortney and launched Vicky Cakes on Mother’s Day as a historical gesture to honor Vicky for her sacrifice as a mother.
  • The most important points of getting the word out and building momentum behind the brand.

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