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The ‘Women In Business With Kids Summit’ features’ powerful women in business with kids, women thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurial moms. We’re sharing over 30 empowering interviews that provide you with the necessary tools you’ll need to build an unstoppable business while balancing family life.

Heather Andrews

Michelle Dennedy

Amberly Lago

Sabrina Ben Salami

Angela Ramel

Sadhana Sabharwal

Dr. Ferrari and Dr. Fry

Padmini Janaki

Dr. Stacy Thomas

Forbes Riley

Liz Todorovic

Libi Berenson

Michelle Tucker

Dawn Gallager

Deepa Purushothaman

Karishma Malhotra

Jasmine collin

Angela Hancock

Alexanda Badea

Crystal Maria Sealy

Supritha Krishna

Nadiya Albishchenko

Stephanie Florio

Marina Savic

Frankie Milligan

Heather shares the secret about the most important thing you should be doing when telling your story and why this is necessary for success.

You will learn:
What stops most women in business from telling their story
your core values of your entire business.
The 5 pillars that changed her personal health and her business
the importance of her kids witnessing this growth.

Why you will sink raising a family if you DON’T follow
– these important rules.
– There is a completely new set of programs and structures for raising kids.
– How to get through adversity.
– Understanding the importance of delegation… not just tasks, but also ideas and how to properly manage a business of over 100 employees. SYSTEMS SYSTEMS SYSTEMS. Systems for business, systems for personal life and yes, even systems for family life.

Michelle Dennedy brought us an incredibly insightful interview with her impressive business history. She discusses the importance of bravery and how this will lay the path of everything

you need in business. Michelle shares her story of why she wasn’t able to be herself at home and the story of how her kids “walked through the fire with her”.


On this interview you will learn:
– The importance of looking at the people who are propelling your career
– Preparing and planning for when things go wrong
– Understanding culture
– What the business world expects of women
– Being judged as a women raising money
– The power of stopping the ??? at the end of your statements (hesitancy)
– A POWERFUL secret that will vastly improve your leadership
– What it takes to be a Vice-President of a company
– The reality of rising through the ranks of a company (Game Of Thrones-esque battles)
– The 3 L’s of Leadership
– Critical secrets to partnerships

Amberly Lago is the definition of not giving up and powering through adversity. She overcame 34 surgeries and went on to build a celebrity brand. She shares some secrets on staying resilient
through hardships and they are not what you might expect! She discusses the importance of looking the part and not simply expecting people to see your value.

After this interview, you will feel incredibly empowered to tackle anything in your way! She shares the importance of some incredibly powerful daily rituals and how grit plays an integral role in her achievements’.

She shares the importance of:
– daily rituals
– making your vision become a – part of you
– rejection
– having the courage to “raise your hand”
– reaching out to others for success
– communication, especially with your kids!
– your kids understanding stressful situations and how to navigate them as a family
– a powerful way to shift your perspective and stay motivated

Always a primary struggle, Sabrina shares with us her inner challenges between spending time with her kids vs. working on her business. She came up with an incredibly unique and amazing solution.

She talks about how she integrated her children in to her business life, which for her, was a massive relief and game changer for both her family and her business. She shares how she was able to create brands with her children and how it all works organically within the family dynamic. With a focus on generational wealth creation, she discusses how parents inadvertently are “auctioning” off their children to the highest bidders for their career choices. Learn to follow your heart and do what you need to do, even if others can’t see it. There are numerous societal pressures that women go through and she shows us how one of those is actually a superpower (and most women don’t even realize it). Discover the most powerful and simple way to build a business and also which mistakes you must avoid!

Angela comes to us with an interview on overcoming adversity and re-discovering her inner power.
She was in bed for two years and had to overcome depression. It was
really hard because she had to let her parents take her kids for a while. She dives into the importance of the root chakra and why women give up on their self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance.

She has noticed that women often have the wrong energies deep inside them and is aware of the power of living in their masculine energy. Feminine leadership is very important to bring into business. With the amalgamation of these two, she shows how to bring people close to you by using their energy.
She discusses various energies such as:
– Pleasure power
– Life force
– Financial
– Sexual
– Why do women lose their self-worth?
– Why do women lose their connection to what they actually need?

Sadhana is really incredible. This is an interview all women are going to want to watch. Find out how she raised 3 kids and built a very successful business with no financial support at all. She taught her children to never think with a “lack of mind state” and the importance of celebrating others joy! In this interview, you will learn the importance of desiring what you already have inside you and what your higher power has equipped you with. You already have what you want, it’s about how you talk to yourself.

Find out why this is so important.
– What is one of the most powerful ways to start off your day?
– How do you find the good in every situation?
– How do we leave negative judgment out of our lives?
– Why is staying positive the biggest challenge?

Dr. Ferrari and Dr. Fry’s interview is not one you are going to want to miss.
Learn how they built a partnership to find out if it was a good fit merging clinics.

On this interview you will discover:
The biggest benefits of partnerships in business
Why partnerships will make you successful

– How communication and appreciation strengthen bonds and partnerships
– How to handle fundamental differences between partners
– How women might define success differently than men and the implications of this difference
– Why energy and grit are critical
– How to, and the importance of, structuring a business properly (hint: you have to do this before you even start)!
– Reaching out and how to delegate this properly so it’s not just you doing all the work
– The mindset you must have to succeed in business
– One of the biggest barriers women face in business success

Sarah Vee; the founder of Women of Hong Kong brings us a very insightful and genuine interview. Sarah discusses why empathy is the key to all business success and at the same time recognizing and embodying the critical skill of not caring what people think of you. We dive in to the challenges of being a solo parent while building a business.

With Sarah we will find out about:
– Being smart about energy levels
– When and what to say yes to
– The importance of looking in to the fine print
– What self-care IS and why it doesn’t need to be pretty
– Recognizing when you are neglecting your children
– The importance of having candid conversation with your children
– How to approach business and personal relationships differently
– What is, and the importance of, humanizing digital marketing

Our interview with Padmini is one you do not want to miss. With a focus on mentorship, she delves into the How and Why seeking the right mentors is so important. Padmini was able to use her customers initial money to fund her start up and she further shares some of the struggles of a women entrepreneur. Learn the incredibly important mindset shift that MUST happen when you are simultaneously raising kids and building a business.

Padmini discusses the importance of truth and honesty plus how to plan out your days for perfect balance between business, personal care, and family life. She gets vulnerable plus shares some mental & physical difficulties that she faced and how she overcame them.
Finally, she shares the value in always operating like a start-up even after you have acquired successes, who to hire, how to hire and the importance of making an impact.

Dr. Stacy talks about the learning curve of building a business on her own while experiencing fast growth in her clinic, all while walking around with a baby!!

Between business and personal life, she learned the importance of giving herself a mission that is “bigger than herself” and how to let go ask for help. Vulnerability and honesty are critical but can come with lots of fears

She shared insight on raising kids, developing herself and building a business that
were very helpful. Here are some of them:
– Why all humanity is being called into a new energy
– Understanding the purposeful path to success
– Learn the blueprint for humans
– Treating your kids like a person (not like a baby)
– Finding your true authentic self
– Getting more done with extreme focus and how to implement this
– The importance of creating an amazing customer experience
– Recognize the details in your business to scale your business
– A resources in the right area of your business
– The importance of always innovating

Forbes story will shatter your excuses. She really had to become the hero of her own journey. Forbes, the Queen of pitching, shares her methods on how she got booked on TV, commercials, and in magazines when nobody even knew who she was. On this incredibly powerful call, she shares the importance of aligning and setting intentions. With insight on granting yourself permission to achieve greatness and not getting in your own way.

And why we should NOT have equality!!
One of the most important things in constantly pivoting yourself and your businesses plus recognizing the how, when and why to do so.
Forbes goes into a personal story of hardship and how she lost a lot of money trying to build funnels, websites, and technology. Her very own daughter (at 17 years old) helped her to build a business and is now the CEO grossing over a million dollars a year. If you are familiar with the social app Clubhouse, you’ll likely be familiar with Forbes as this helped her gain mass exposure. Forbes shares how she made sure her kids were a part of her business life and she made the little moments matter. She is truly redefining the word “mom” and is committed to removing the word “guilt” from the vocabulary of all women in business with kids. She was able to attract the love of her life while constantly believing that she’s worth it as the key secret to many of her successes.

Liz Todorovic comes to us with a very memorable interview. Liz shares her journey of leaving a troubled country to create a better life. She teaches us about the number one thing you can to do give yourself confidence, what to do when people say you’re not good enough and how to speak the truth no matter what else is thinking. In business, Liz was able to climb the corporate ladder and shares her journey of life along the way.

Some of the notable talking points are:
– The importance of knowing yourself and your work
– If your mind says that you’re not good enough, do this secret
– The importance of speaking up and how to get noticed
– The number one secret to selling
– How she grew 10 businesses to make 100 million in revenue
– The importance of providing value and being a problem solver
– How you always have the time, you’re just not managing it properly

Sarah comes to us with valuable information on the most important question facing women in business with kids… How do I manage my time between myself, my kids, and my business??

She had to switch her mindset and learn to say no (setting boundaries) and how to also run a business with compassion. When she has challenges with her kids she is able to have gratitude toward the experience and let go of anger. This has helped her skyrocket both her family and business. Do you lose belief in yourself when negative things come your way?
The struggle with self-love is very real. Sarah shared in this struggle, however she has a fool-proof method to overcome this. She has 2 methods used to generate more energy – it is definitely not what you think! – With these methods she is also able to overcome disagreements.
How do your kids experience you? While you’re a mom? While you’re building your business?

In this interview we featured Amie Reiman! She focused on the importance of building culture and community within your business. Learn the power of not getting burnt out and holding resentment. She shares ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARENTING TIPS YOU WILL EVER HEAR.

Her vulnerability is uplifting and empowering as she teaches us how she overcame mental health struggles and depression. She shares her incredible story of how a single mother with no capital managed to build a successful business. She discovered the secret on where to find highly qualified interns that will help you grow your business for free! Amie shares how her day is set up to then balance between work, life and family.

Alix did not hold back on us in her interview! We always welcome and commend vulnerability and compassionate acts. On this call, Alix shares how she helped her mother gain her self-confidence back and how this opened her eyes to the importance of shared experiences with family.

She shares what it was like working with the co-founder of Microsoft; Paul Allen and all the lessons she learnt from him such as:
– comprehensive management techniques
– “freezing time” and accomplishing more
Alix also shares with us how and why she changed to running a flea market, combining the power of pivoting. With this new found understanding, she unlocked a mind state that has helped her overcome almost anything.
It is okay to be tearful, ask for help, and be vulnerable. She has an incredibly impactful story where she used a TEDDY BEAR to control a room full of men in business and broke down their
misguided impression of her. She had a group of men pushing aside her ideas and she was able to break through to them. She shares her technique for reaching out to big CEO’s and getting responses.

Libi brings us an interview that will really make you think…Do women naturally lack confidence?
How do I set a vision? Is there a way to develop confidence and resilience?
Am I negatively influencing my own confidence?
Is it a mistake not involving my kids in the business?
How can I eliminate distractions in both my family and my business life?

In this interview, you will learn:
– a different perspective that will impact your kids and the importance of ignoring the norms that surround you
– a common mistake that almost all women make in business and how this has to do with other people
– how to keep an eye out for certain things that might crush your future goals
– how to properly hire the right people.
Libi successfully turned Covid into a positive for herself and her business plus shares with us how she accomplished this!

In this interview, Michelle sheds light to what your true superpower is and how to unleash it.
Recognize how important it is to know who to hire and why you are really hiring them.
Michelle has an incredible balance of family and work life, she shares her secrets to being a mom and a woman business owner. Discover her ABC 123 exercise that will change your personal life and your business experience in 30 days!!

On this call you will further learn:
The secrets of delegation – how and why you should plus what happens if you don’t
Why you might never grow your business properly
The NUMBER ONE tip to being a better mom while simultaneously growing your business
Why you should always set up a business with the intention to sell
The GPS exit model
The 6 P’s to building an unstoppable business
Why 70% of businesses fail and how to prevent this
Why a lack of profits/revenue is never the problem
The steps you must follow to build the infrastructure your company needs to stand the test of time

Eden Sassoon grew up within an icon of a father: Vidal Sassoon. In this interview she shares the lessons she learned from her father; Vidal. She discusses the personality traits her dad had to build an iconic brand, how she wanted to change how the world sees the Sassoon brand. On the personal side she shares overcoming raising two young kids, her dad dying and getting sober.

Eden delves deeper into:
– Understanding and not having a great relationship with money
– The importance of building the right team
– Principles shared by her father of how to die with grace
– Important points of self-care first and why many women fail in this area
– What can happen if you miss the connection with your kids
– Why she hated being on the Beverly Hills Housewives show!

Dawn comes to us with emphasis on motivation, resiliency, and focus. With these three abilities intact, she shows exactly how implementation will skyrocket any business. With a unique perspective on an area that (most) women in business are lacking and why this is causing men to do better, she shows how to FLIP the script!

She shares with us her powerful story of not giving up and how she called 20 times a day until they decided to do business with her! A very powerful discussion on truly understanding that you are the source of your own success and which challenges you will face with growing a business while raising a child. Dawn has a media kit and she shares how this, along with creating perception for her business, has benefitted her business and separated her from her competitors. Dawn is very selective of the people she works with and this comes from a place of self-love, which she learnt the hard way! You have to keep your well full before you fill others.

During Deepa’s interview we got to learn how she found her voice and had no choice but to show up as a leader in an industry that was dominated by white men. What she ended up discovering was a universal leadership style that all women (and men) can and should apply!!

On this interview you will learn:
– how a woman in business needs to navigate in order to really make change and find their true power
– why being authentic all the time does not work (unfortunately)
– how to change the game, not play the game
– a unique strength in leadership that is not often discussed in business
– very important steps about writing – this is what got picked up by Harper Collins
How to put yourself out there for success

Karishma has an incredibly powerful interview! Find out how she was able to take things to the next level and unlocked the power of never feeling failure plus knowing that you have what it takes to succeed. She shares the ONE THING WOMEN DON’T DO ENOUGH OF and why this halts their success in business.

On this call you will learn:
– Two VERY important things women need to step into their power
– Why multitasking is causing stress and anxiety
– Why finding a guide/mentor is important
– How to become a better leader in your field
– Secrets of planning your day
– Why comparing yourself to others is holding you back
– How to be mindful while raising kids and the power behind it
– How you might be taking the joy out of everything, especially the little things in life
– Why you must not stay focused on only the results you aimed for
– The MOST IMPORTANT THING that has made the biggest difference in her career
– How to overcome adversity

In this interview with Jasmine, you will learn some of the most powerful parenting strategies, how to implement childlike play, and the strategy on handling siblings. With a focus on changing your attention to connection and how to help your children be better behaved. 

Learn where the real growth of your business actually comes from. Jasmine understands the importance of letting go and delegating.
Why did Jasmine move away from being competitive?
How does someone not just “give” all the time?
How do you properly set boundaries without being a bad person?
How do you MOVE energy throughout your body?
How do I exit negative states of being?

Angela discusses a variety of tools that provided her the power to be a great mother and a successful businesswoman at the same time. You can indeed have both. Setting important boundaries while raising kids is critical.

Some of the tools Angela shares are:
– How she set her life up to spend more time with her daughter
– What no really means
– The importance of trying over and over
– Measuring your ability to succeed
– What women tend to do that seriously holds them back
– How she messages people and gets a very high response rate
– How to approach your business with a different mindset
– The fear of being judged and how to properly use social media to sell
– An entire front-to-back strategy of how she built a 7-figure business online
– The power of reacting the right way

Alexandra has a very unique and uplifting interview, with a focus on skills development!
She shares her extremely interesting perspective on why not having enough money at the start actually helped to build her business and taught her to learn certain soft skills that were a must for success in business. She shows us her top 3 most important soft skills that you must master.
She has designed a fool-proof plan to improve your soft skills and shares the importance of being open minded enough and the power of being able to change direction or pivot.

In this interview you will also learn:
– What skills to look for when choosing people to add to your team
– The 3 most important things for making a business work
– Why being open minded and creative is a key to your success
– Why social media is a soft skill focused area and how to use it
– How to build a good brand and why investing in it matters
– That you have unlimited opportunity RIGHT NOW in business
– About trusting and loving yourself enough to succeed and how to do that
– The SECRET of time management and balance between career, self and family

Crystal-Marie Sealy brings a very unique interview. She discusses an important lesson on NOT GETTING RIPPED OFF.
Crystal-Marie teaches a completely different and unconventional way of parenting while simultaneously building your business (TRUST US, THIS WILL MAKE YOU THINK). Her methods of building business are entirely unique and she educates us on the importance of filling up your own cup first as a staple for success.

Find out why your misconceptions of business and social media are holding you back and much more on this one-of-a-kind interview!! The uniqueness of this interview is enough reason to take action, so watch the entire interview now.

For our interview with Supritha, you will learn how to capitalize on the opportunities to build your business when your kids are not around! She has a priority strategy that revolves around kids, self-care, and family schooling her children. In this interview we talk about how sometimes women will take this too personally and this can halt work flow. 

She brings a wealth of knowledge on understanding different working styles, ego, and partnerships. Find out TWO of the most important leadership qualities which she learnt from her father (who also happens to be a highly successful entrepreneur) and the power of building a business with no separation. Because of this and her track record of success, she never second-guesses herself.

In the interview with Nadiya, she discusses how she was able to actually leverage the entire Covid situation to her advantage.
You don’t want to miss this!

On this interview you will learn:
– The importance of choosing one good partner over many people
– What creates a perfect business partnership
– The importance of working with and completing your partner
– How to find and cultivate the right partnerships
– Why she does not believe in “fixed” salaries (we love her view on this)
– What type of people to choose to grow
– How women should think in order to properly scale a business
– Why and how a mother should role model for future generations
– Why she feels relying on the school system is not good enough
– Why a business should be a good decision between a man and a woman
– The power of asking for what you want
– Why understanding every part of the business from the ground up is critical
– The importance of connecting to grow your business
– Why and how being innovative is integral in growing your business in our ever-changing world

Our interview with Stephanie was surely a memorable one! Discover the power of focus groups, feedback to win, and how she works together as a family partnership. Her company won the ‘Pitch To Rich’ award from Richard Branson and shares some invaluable advice from him! 

Gain insight on:
– The downfall of getting sensitive to your product or brand
– Why you are “letting” your gender stop you and how this is a common mistake women are making
– The attitude that you NEED to succeed
– What to do when you have a baby AND a start-up business (motherhood 2 different times)
– The importance of honesty opposed to rushing
– How to be more productive while raising kids
– Not fearing failure, but actually embracing it
– Understanding how to pivot
– Work life / family life integration

Marina is a serious advocate for personal and global development. On her interview she talks about losing her identity to the point she did not even know who she was and how this is much more common than most of us realize.

On this interview we discuss:
– A huge mistake made by Marina regarding beliefs
– A common belief system that does not serve you anymore and how to overcome it
– Why your brain is operating 95% of the time in the same state and what to do about it
– The power of breaking your habits
– A powerful breath exercise and how to control your brain waves
– An effective time management tool
– The power of tapping in to higher consciousness
– What happens and why the body must do new things everyday
– Understanding how to see things situations through a different lens

Frankie is all about identifying the objective and focusing on the task at hand, with a strong focused belief system centered around learning critical daily rituals.

She reveals the ONE THING YOU MUST DO CONSTANTLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA in order to grow your business…
In this interview, Frankie will take you through a simple exercise to assist your brain into entering Theta brain waves and to change any limiting belief you have about yourself.