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We are a human company that believes in people before profits who have each other’s back, both inside and outside of work. At Actions Of Compassion we run things differently. It has nothing to do with working hours, the type of work, or the stereotypical everyday business protocol.

For 4 years we had an office in Vancouver, Canada at the World Trade Center. Moving forward, our business today has evolved with the ever-changing landscape of today’s business world. Our remote adaptation is where you’ll find our team most likely walking, meditating or catching a few rays in the sun. You’re also likely to catch us doing a compassionate act for a fellow human or bonding over a few beers.  

Another common occurrence is to see Shane showing up on Zoom calls with his yorkie or sneaking her into a restaurant for meetings.

We work weekends, we work late nights, we sometimes get together at a coffee shop or office. It’s whatever we feel at the moment and nobody is keeping score. Life is good. Life is fun. Life is short!

Our team consists of full time people, part time people, freelancers, and independent business owners who all contribute as a team to create positive global change. Contribution by all team members is the culture we’ve built around our inclusive environment to capture equality as a whole.

We strongly believe that putting people before profit while humanizing the brand from top to bottom will provide optimal and sustainable growth that your business deserves.

Our Team

Shane Jeremy James


Darren Zaruk

Operations/Business development

Matt Finlin

Business Development

Jason Kenzie

Video Production

Sharon Dinh

Brand Creative

Jane Ngo

Business Development/copywriting

Antony Carrington

Project Management

Alexis Tanaka

Full-stack Blockchain Developer

Sudharsan Govindharaj

Senior Web Developer

Jimmiek Rankin

Digital Artist

Annace Dato

Content Creative

Annace Dato

Content Creative